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Small weddings in London: love is not cancelled

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

A small wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your love during the pandemic.

Photo credits: Rebecca Rees Photography @athinglikethat.

Updated 1st March to reflect Roadmap updates

Because of the pandemic, many couples had to postpone or even cancel their wedding. A small wedding (aka micro wedding or elopement) is a beautiful alternative for those who don’t want to wait.

It's also the perfect opportunity for couples who have always wanted to keep the day special and limited to their dearest fews! (No need to find creative answers to your remote Uncle Sam's questions when he will be receiving the invite.. ;-).

Love is not cancelled

Postponing your wedding is one option. This makes complete sense if you want to celebrate big and have loads of people flying in from abroad. However, have you considered options to celebrate your love in a small and intimate setting? The day may be different from what you had envisioned earlier, but in essence it’s still about the two of you, sharing your special commitments to one another, celebrating the magic and power of your love and promise to stand together in this crazy and wonderful world.

Love is worth celebrating, and spreading joy and positive vibes is more important than ever.

Love is not cancelled. Let’s show each other that in the end, love is the strongest force of all. No matter how the world turns.

Small wedding / elopement package

I have teamed up with Jayne and Andi of Halcyon Halcyon. They are super talented creatives, who love creating non-traditional floral designs and events extraordinaire, including weddings.

For couples who are keen to celebrate their love now we are offering an exclusive (and Covid-proof) small wedding / elopement package. Take a look at this photo of small wedding Andi and Jayne worked on this summer. The beautiful, glowing bride and the happy guests say it all! (I also love how the lady on the left watches the groom as his beloved walks towards him).

Let’s ask Judy and Andi to tell a bit more about themselves!

Who are you and why do you do what you do?

We are Andi & Jayne Quinn Clawson, husband & wife, and co-founders of HALCYON HALCYON. We have over 18 years’ experience working within the events industry; from managing venues to producing a wide range of events including product launches, press shows, pop-ups, private parties and weddings.

HALCYON HALCYON was born from feeling like we were always chained to our laptops, despite working in an exciting creative industry. Having to seek creative outlets outside of work we both successfully gained a floristry qualification in 2018. As floral design is often an integral part of weddings and events, we felt this was a great opportunity to merge our skills and set-up our own business. We offer clients two main services; wedding and event planning, and floral design.

Specialising in dry-hire weddings, we offer couples a flexible planning service, which they can tailor to their individual needs. Couples can choose how much support they require, whether it’s full planning, our ‘pick ‘n mix’ service, or just on-the-day co-ordination. Due to Covid-19, we are also offering couples micro wedding packages, which are in keeping with the government’s regulations.

In terms of floral design, we see ourselves as non-traditional floral designers. We love creating unique, one-off arrangements, and always seek to use unusual materials in order to achieve this. We both really enjoy being challenged to create floral installations, the bigger the better for us!

What’s the best thing about a micro wedding?

The best thing about a micro wedding will be somewhat dependent on the couple, however, there are several notable benefits. You will be able to have a more intimate and relaxed day, allowing you to spend more quality time with each of your guests. This more informal feel can also filter through to wedding outfits, allowing couples to be more creative; for brides this could mean opting for a chic trouser suit rather than a traditional dress.

Having fewer guests will mean you’ll spend less money on catering. This can save you thousands of pounds and allow you to spend some of that money on other areas like outfits, flowers, or more spending money for the honeymoon!

We experienced our own micro wedding first-hand last year when we got married at Belfast City Hall with only 4 guests! It was the perfect day. We then had a larger celebration in Budapest a couple of weeks later with family and friends. A lot of couples are opting to have a smaller ceremony now, followed by a party at a later date when the government’s guidelines’ permit.

Is planning a wedding a good idea right now?

Love can’t be on hold, and unfortunately, nobody knows how long the current situation will drag on for. For couples who don’t want to wait, we would strongly recommend considering a micro wedding. It might be slightly different from what you had initially envisioned your wedding day to be, but it will be amazing. The most important thing is you are getting married to your love!

Aika and Dongyoung were ahead of the game when they celebrated their love with 12 of their dearest a few years ago. We had set up the chairs in semi-circles, creating an intimate setting.

Can’t wait? Get in touch!

Contact us if you want to talk about our wishes for your wedding. You can contact me for ceremony questions and ideas and Jayne and Andi for package options.

*Please note: as guidelines may change it is important to keep checking the regulations. We are doing this too and will be honest and transparent about the possibilities when you contact us.


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