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The fusion celebrant: two worlds, one love

I have such a privileged job. It is truly special to learn about a couple's love story and bring this to life in a ceremony that celebrates their unique relationship.  


I found my vocation after having careers in academia and the corporate world.


In my previous lives I studied Divinity where I learned a thing or two about rituals from all over the world. Extremely inspiring and handy too as I often work with couples of different cultural backgrounds!


I also had a career in change management where I helped people turn dreams into reality. I used creativity, positive energy and detailed planning to make this happen.

Just what is needed for a wedding ceremony.

Born and bred in the Netherlands I live in London and feel at home all over the world. I love the buzz of cities but also the quiet beauty of the outdoors.

In my free time you can spot me in art galleries and charity shops, sipping cocktails with friends, climbing trees with my kids or watching art house movies with my husband.

As the fusion wedding celebrant with a cosmopolitan mindset, I bring the unique stories of two people together into one special experience that celebrates their love and honours their values and traditions - whatever they are.

Inclusivity is one of my core values. I want everyone to feel welcome, safe and valued. I am an LGBTQ+ Ally and Dementia Friend, love working with children and keen to include people of all abilities. 


Hi! I'm Rosalie (she/her)

Your story is at the heart of every ceremony I led.

From the moment we meet, we embark on a journey together to find the stories and values that make your love unique.

How did you meet? How did you propose? How has your life changed since you met your special person? What makes that you want to share your life with them, no matter what?

As your celebrant I bring your stories,  ideas and vibes together in an experience filled with warmth, joy and fun. 

What is your story?

Get in touch and let me know! 


Rosalie's enthusiasm to create and contribute to a unique wedding, one that with humour, charisma and charm delivered all the details and parts that a wedding should whilst adding even more magic was totally magnificent. 

Olivia and Bart

Destination wedding Guernsey

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