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Bilingual weddings

Multilingual love birds: this one's for you!

Add a special touch to your ceremony by saying parts of it in your mother tongue. 

If you are looking for a celebrant who is fluent in Dutch (or Flemish for that matter), you have just found her!


I also read French and German and have worked with couples who have included Rumanian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Greek and Swedish readings in their ceremonies. 

I have also worked with sign interpreters to include people with hearing impairments.


Whatever language we speak, we all understand the language of two people in love. 

Fleur and Jaap celebrated their love in a bilingual ceremony at The Horniman Museum in London. Spot the orange details! 

Willen jullie ook je Nederlandse achtergrond vieren op jullie trouwdag? Of je nu trouwt in London, elders in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, of op een andere mooie locatie in binnen-of buitenland, ik help je graag deze dag vorm te geven. 


When you know the language of love,

it's easy to understand that

someone in the world awaits you.

Paulo Coehlo

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