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Weddings in London

and UK

You would like to celebrate your love in a way that reflects your story, your personalities and your values.

The ceremony is for you a way to share your love and commitments to one another surrounded by the people most dear to you. 

A true celebration of the wonder and power of your love.

You value your background and the people, culture and morals that have shaped you, but you also are looking for your own, unique ways of creating meaning in your relationship and the journey onward.

Your wedding is all about you. Your story together. Your dreams. Your way of dealing with the highs and lows that life throws at you. With the person you would choose over and over again.

Are you ready? I am!

Wedding Trinity Buoy Wharf London, Celeb
Jess and Connor-70.jpg

A celebrant-led ceremony can happen anywhere.​ Indoors, outdoors, at licensed and non-licensed venues, in private gardens and online.

A boat on the Thames, a garden of a fashion school, an art gallery, a romantic mansion and a London bus are just a few examples of special locations where I've led ceremonies.

Connor and Jessie said their 'I do's' on the staircase of Battersea Arts Centre.


Their wedding was inspired by the movies of Wes Anderson!

“Marry a person you’d marry in a church or in an art gallery. On a boat or in an abandoned factory in Russia. Someone you’d marry with the biggest blood diamond money could buy, or with a little piece of string tied around your finger. Marry someone who doesn’t care about table settings or wedding favors unless you really care about those things, in which case, it’s opposite day. Just be on the same team. Especially on your wedding day.” 

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