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An unconventional wedding poem about love and commitment

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

One of the great things about being a wedding celebrant is that I learn so many new things from my couples: traditions and rituals in different cultures, songs, and also wedding poems.

I may be an expert in wedding ceremony design and yes, I know quite some wonderful poems about love, life and marriage, but every couple is unique and it's often in the less known corners of the internet that real wedding poem gems can be found.

There are many beautiful wedding poems out there, but when a couple finds a poem that truly reflects how they feel about their relationship, the words come to life to stir the emotions of everyone who hears the words.

The below poem was chosen by Els and Casey, teenage sweethearts, who had fought really hard for their relationship to be acknowledged.

This moving wedding poem can also be used as vows.

I choose you

again and again

at the start and finish

of every single day

no matter the season

no matter the year

I choose you

to struggle and succeed with

to fight and make up with

to love and grow old with

I choose you

knowing there are still trials

we must travel

knowing there are mountains

left to climb

I choose you

To always be by my side

(c) Tyler Kent White

How to choose the wedding reading that's right for you

An obvious start is to browse the internet, which will definitely result in some wonderful readings. However, if the results not really resonate with you, consider the following options:

  • Do you have a reading that is meaningful to you as a couple? A wedding reading does not have to be a 'wedding' reading!

  • Ask a friend or family member to choose a reading (or, if they are creative, write one for the occasion). If you're brave you can even ask them to leave it as a surprise until the day.

  • Song lyrics can also be read out - let your favourite song shine on your day!


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