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Perfect wedding reading for a couple that values equality

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

'What does marriage mean to you?'

It's a question I always ask my coupes. Because being in a committed relationship means something different to everyone, and it's without exception a wonderful thing to learn what words, phrases and analogies couples share with me.

So while you are here, perhaps you can ask yourself this question too: what does marriage, or being in relationship, or love mean to you?

Love means something different to all of us

'What does marriage mean to you?'

Here are a few responses couples have shared with me:

'Marriage is like a muscle. You have to train it.'

'Marriage not something you're in, it's something you do.'

'Marriage is like a rollercoaster - an exciting adventure that shows you new perspectives. It's holding on to each other when things in life turn upside down. It's a bit scary too!'

'Marriage is a place to grow, as individuals and as a couple'

'Marriage is a space of possibilities. A space of sharing. The beauty of love is that when you share it, it multiplies.'

How to find the perfect wedding reading ...

Often, couples are looking for a suitable reading or poem that expresses their views and feelings about love or marriage. They ask me to find that poem for them, but I always encourage them to search for themselves. A wedding poem is a personal choice, and what resonates with me, it not always right for others.

Also, I believe that the destination is in the journey. Couples you get actively involved in crafting their wedding ceremony often come up with the most amazing ideas. It's the magic of creativity. By asking meaningful questions and opening yourself up to what is around, unexpected things can come your way.

.. or does the perfect wedding reading finds us?

Sometimes, it's not us who find the words, but the words that find us.

I had this experience with the below poem, which I love for its equal view on love and marriage, and how marriage can be a place of discovery, growth, truth and freedom.

So, although I encourage you to find your special poem, I couldn't resist sharing his one with you!

Let's rise in love!

Wedding reading: I'd Rather Rise in Love With You by By Jana Lynne Umipig

I don’t want sweet nothings whispered in my ears I’d rather be confronted by the savory somethings That truths communicated - in fullness and compassion bring

I don’t want long gazes or to get lost in your eyes I ‘d rather have our eyes brave exploration, Discovering every part of each other from curve to line - Every wrinkle and tint and shade Every scar and marking that our livings have made

I don’t want to feel I knew you in another life Or that I dreamed you in my sleep I’d rather learn you piece by piece in reality I’d rather you teach me how the you today Is better than before And I want my new self to love you more, As I Love me more

I don’t’ want to be attached, or taken, or spoken for I don’t want to make each other whole I’d rather be two whole beings that Make Love Mind, Body and Soul I don’t want to believe you do not choose who you Love That you just know when you do Love, to me, is a choice, you wake up every day and you choose: What you want What you need Speak your truths to receive Truths in exchange - Past what is perceived Past assumptions, to gain knowings And to keep Love growing It’s more than the showings It’s the clarity in communication It’s the calm and patience past frustrations It’s the listening and the stillness - It’s every message from body to breath

I don’t want to fall for you Or fall in Love Falling is falseness, it’s fleeting I’d rather rise in love with you In ascension Without fear and apprehension I don’t want to sacrifice any part of me to make it work I want to invest in all of me and all of you And give gratitude That we empower one another in self worth

I don’t want to be possessed or bound by Love I’d rather be Liberated in Loving I’d rather be Love that is Revolutionary Love that is Patience And Presence And Respect And Pride And Honesty, nothing to hide And Attraction And Joy And Truth In every thing we say, show and do

In Love with you is all of this to me And there is no place I would rather be

What is your perfect wedding reading?

What sentiments would you like to express via a wedding reading? And what tone and style are you looking for? Do you want a humorous wedding reading, a spiritual, a romantic and traditional wedding reading, or rather something quirky and different?

More inspiration for wedding readings: a mind-blowing reflection on the partner you deserve by Frida Kahlo and the poem 'I Choose You' by Taylor Kent White.

Get in touch to explore options, and please share your favourite wedding reading with me! I'd love to hear from you.

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