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Beautiful elopement wedding at The Asylum in London

Updated: May 8, 2023

The pandemic has put big weddings on hold, but inventive couples have found alternative ways to celebrate their love in all its beauty and wonder.

Couples who had a micro wedding during this time have shown that love conquers all.

Tilda and Mitchell’s wedding at The Asylum in London is a beautiful example of how an intimate setting can provide a meaningful space to focus on what is most important: the magical bond of love between two people who vow to share their lives together, no matter what.

Below the key elements of Tilda and Mitchell’s micro wedding that honoured their multi-cultural backgrounds and their wish to have a wedding ceremony that was unique to them.

The space: a crumbled chapel in London

Tilda and Mitchell chose The Asylum, a deconsecrated chapel in Peckham, London, as their wedding venue.

In the past, the chapel was an old people’s home for retired landlords. Bombed during the war (hence its nickname ‘the crumbled chapel’) the space has been resurrected by Maverick Projects and provides now a home for events and unique ceremonies. The crumbling interior walls an colourful stained glass window create a theatrical setting for bespoke and creative ceremonies of any kind.

On the day of Mitchell and Tilda’s wedding the autumn sun peeked through the open doors, creating pops of coloured reflections on the walls.

The chapel, rooted in history but with a modern, industrial vibe, was the perfect space for Mitchell and Tilda’s micro wedding as it reflected their wish to combine traditional elements with contemporary touches.

The setting inspired wedding photographer Olivia and Dan to take intimate photos reminding of Italian Renaissance paintings:

A Swedish wedding reading

For Mitchell and Tilda, it was important to honour their different backgrounds. Tilda honoured her Swedish heritage by reading a poem in Swedish:

“Love comes and love goes, no one can interpret its laws, but I want to follow you this winter and spring and all the days of my life. My heart is yours, your heart is mine and I will never leave it again. My happiness is yours, your happiness is mine and the tears are mine when you cry. Love is so wonderfully strong, crushed by nothing in the world. Roses emerge from the hardest ground like sun over the dark fields.”

(Original text by Nils Ferlin)

The roses in this poem inspired to do a rose ceremony later in the ceremony.

Rose ceremony

After the vows and ring exchange, Tilda and Mitchell gave each other a red rose. Their first gift to one another as a married couple. Below the words I spoke at this moment:

“A single red rose means “I love you”.

Tilda and Mitchell, may you find a place on your home for this rose and the roses you will be giving to each other in the future. On any anniversary the rose may bring back special memories of this day and a reminder of the beauty and strength of your relationship. In every relationship there are times where it is difficult to find the right words. If this should happen, leave a rose for the other to find. The rose you place there will say the words: I love you, no matter what.”

Tilda and Mitchell's wedding was beautifully captured by Olivia and Dan Photography. Read their blog and enjoy more photos here.

Handcraft Pictures created am amazing film of the day. Watch it here:

Suppliers featuring in this blog

Venue: Asylum / Caroline Garden's Chapel. Managed by Maverick Projects

Wedding dress: Julita LDN Bride

Make-up: Quelle Bester

Hair / make-up: The Vibe


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